1. jetfixr's Avatar
    I heard there is some way to just hit the ATK icon and it will kill all apps with just one button push. I haven't been able to do this though. I hit the icon and it pulls up all the apps running and you have to select the apps you want to kill and then hit the kill apps button. This isn't a huge deal, I am just trying to streamline and personalize the operation of my phone a bit
    04-29-2010 10:07 PM
  2. darkmoon66's Avatar
    An even better way to streamline your phone is to just uninstall advanced task killer since you don't need it anyways.
    04-29-2010 11:33 PM
  3. jetfixr's Avatar
    yeah, really seems that people line up on boths sides of this issue. I just don't like stuff running in the background and taking up resources. I multi-task, but I would at least like to know I am doing it on purpose, and not because I left a bunch of apps open. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
    04-30-2010 12:13 AM
  4. chdtpn's Avatar
    I use Apollo Task Killer. It is the same thing as Advanced but it gives you the auto kill, the paid version of Advanced has, for free. Very useful, same layout everything is the same just different dev's and company.
    04-30-2010 08:47 AM
  5. doogald's Avatar
    I just don't like stuff running in the background and taking up resources.

    The only "stuff" running in the background are services that listen for updates and notifications. Any other app that does not specifically indicate that it is running in the background will pause when it is not foreground. Ending those suspended foreground apps with a task killer is gaining you nothing, and may be losing you resources, since ATK is running a service in the background itself. Try running without ATK for a few days (you can always reinstall it later) and see if you think the phone is any better with it.

    Back to your original question; I haven't used ATK for a while, but I think that you are confusing the app itself for a widget that it may have. If ATK has a widget that closes non-ignored apps on press, put the widget on a home screen rather than launching the app from an icon.
    04-30-2010 10:08 AM
  6. darkmoon66's Avatar
    My understanding on the issue of task killers is that you can't think of Android in the way you do BlackBerry or WinMo, where apps will keep running in the backround and you have to always close them. Android is more like the iPhone, where you just press the home button and the OS handles all of its own memory management. If you don't run one for a while you will notice that if you back out of an app and then open it again right away, it will go back to what you were last doing. But if you didn't open a program for a while, it will go to its default state. I have had the Droid since November and now the Incredible, and I haven't used one for months and haven't seen any performance issues.

    If you are going to use one though, TaskKiller Free has a widget that is just a button press to kill all of your apps, I think Advanced Task Killer has something similar, but maybe not on the free version.
    04-30-2010 01:08 PM
  7. droidrt-nmt's Avatar
    I can only speak to what I've read on several forums. I did use ATK but uninstalled to try my Droid without it for awhile. I figured I could always reinstall it. At the end of the day I usually have about 30= battery left, after I stopped and uninstalled ATK my daily usage was down to 50% Needless to say, I'm not going back to using ATK. Oh and Sorry unable to help with OP.
    05-01-2010 07:58 PM
  8. Meeko's Avatar
    Just tried it, load the widget on your screen, press it and everything is killed in the background.
    05-01-2010 09:13 PM
  9. hunted's Avatar
    Whoever said task killers do nothing, don't know what they are chatting about!! my X10 runs loads faster without 17 apps running in the background and saves me about 6hrs worth of battery compared to before i installed ATK... learn how to use the app before putting it down..
    05-02-2010 06:46 AM
  10. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Task Killers are useless. Maybe this guy is right and all the hundreds of thousands that dont use them are wrong.
    05-02-2010 08:14 AM
  11. hunted's Avatar
    Well explain how i get twice the battery life now i use one hmmn
    05-03-2010 06:26 AM
  12. doogald's Avatar
    Well explain how i get twice the battery life now i use one hmmn
    This is why I suggested trying to run without it. People seem to have different experiences with task killers, so wouldn't you agree that you should try both with and without before you decide to use one?
    05-03-2010 08:06 AM
  13. Execute's Avatar
    Never understand why everyone is so quick to tell other people they are using their device wrong. This is Android, not Apple. OP asked how to use a feature of a task killer, not for anyone to tell him if he should or shouldn't. He's already made his choice so might as well respect that. I understand how Android runs Linux kernel and apparently knows how to allocate memory and resources better than other OS's. I'm no expert, but I have a little knowledge. I never have went out of my way to kill a task with my Incredible, and it runs great. However, when I was using the Eris, if I was app-jumping and multi-tasking lots, I would notice a performance increase in how I used my device if I killed some apps. How I used my device. My device.

    OP, since you asked about the auto-kill and not for me to shove my opinion down your throat, are you sure you have the widget on your home screen and not a shortcut to the program itself?
    05-04-2010 09:40 PM