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    "Football Score 3" is an Android app provides soccer real time score for most of the soccer/football leagues worldwide. It is FREE to use.

    26/07/2011 - V1.0.4
    - Added no match message if there is no match in the chosen view
    - Added some team flags

    We are now working on:
    Adding more leagues
    Adding favorite team feature which allow you to auto-watch your favorite teams' matches!
    Adding more team badges, which we always do!

    We don't charge for this app and the ad inside is the only source of income. Please support us by sharing the app and giving 5 stars to us! Thanks!

    Key Features:
    • PUSH update for goal alerts! Save your device's battery
    • Many leagues included
    • Fast update
    • Multi-languages

    Please send us any comments or suggestions!


    07-30-2011 10:27 PM
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    Don't miss tonight's UEFA matches!
    08-16-2011 01:27 PM

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