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    I wasn't sure if this was a Quickoffice issue, Sugarsync issue or Xoom issue, but I'm hoping someone can help guide me.

    I have a number of files that I use with Sugarsync to keep synced across computers, and I bought QuickOffice on my Xoom so I could access and edit them. But it doesn't seem to be working. I was able to set up QO to work with SS on the Xoom just fine (logs in and sees files). When I click on the file I want (so far just word doc's) it opens it, I can SEE the file (as it it opens and I can read the words of the document), but over the top is an error that says "File Cannot Be Opened". And it only gives me a box that says OK (even though I can see my perfectly fine file directly beneath the box). Hitting OK closes out the box and kills the file.

    Anyone else having this issue or better yet know how to fix it? I just want to get access to my files and be able to edit them with the QO.

    08-01-2011 07:24 PM
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    After some more troubleshooting I am beginning to believe it is a "version" issue. I was unable to open Google Docs or Dropbox either (after creating and uploading files to Dropbox). I realized the issue wasn't lying with just Sugarsync.

    Apparently there are more multiple versions of QuickOffice and they all have similar titles, but they don't all work the same way. I bought QuickOffice Pro through Amazon, and I needed QuickOffice Pro HD...which I can't seem to find on Amazon. I think the non-HD is the only version they sell (anyone have info on this?).

    I am hoping I am not out the money because that will really tick me off. I have contacted Amazon support in hopes they can either switch me to the correct version or give me a credit to my account and kill that version on my account.

    Be wary if you are purchasing QO for Xoom. You much have the "HD" version (where ever you can find it...Android App store only?). It is NOT compatible with the normal version.

    08-01-2011 08:22 PM