1. Puzzlegal's Avatar
    I used two airplane tracking apps on the Pre, Flight view and Flight predictor. I found Flight view. Does anyone know if the folks who sell Flight predictor have an equivalent product for the android?

    It lists various potential issues (weather, back ups, whether the airplanes previous flight is on time) and gives a robust prediction of whether the flight will arrive at its destination on-time. It has some idea of howuch slack is in the schedule, which helps.
    08-02-2011 06:54 AM
  2. gregstoll's Avatar
    Hi -

    I realize this is an old thread, but I'm the developer of FlightPredictor for the Pre and I wanted to let you know I just released an Android version! Its homepage is at FlightPredictor - a FlightCaster client for Android and its Android Market page is https://market.android.com/details?i...lightpredictor.

    This is my first Android app, so feedback is welcome!
    11-20-2011 10:49 PM