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    Hi all,

    Good day to you.

    Migrated to ANDROID 2 weeks ago, still finding my feet, so to speak. My first posting to this or any other ANDROID Forum. Here goes:

    One of the most important functions for me on any Smartphone is the ability to Sync with my computer.

    I am using Apple MacBook Pro, running Leopard (Ver. 10.6.8).

    I have been looking at SYNCMATE, vs THE MISSING SYNC.
    As many have already pointed out, right out of the stable there are 2 points in favour of SYNCMATE that would seem to put MS at a disctinct disadvantage:

    a) SYNCMATE has a FREE version, which allows you to at lest test or get a feel of most of the functions available in the paid-for EXPERT Version, and

    b) SYNCMATE allows the purchase (or the free version, also) to sync with most if not all your devices; with MISSING SYNC, you have to purchase one version per O/S, one for the Windows Mobile, one for ANDROID, one for BLACKBERRY, etc.

    However, one of the issues I am having with SYCNMATE is as follows:

    I tried a Sync (Version 3, FREE) to my SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE, and one of the unsatisfactory issues was with the syncing of my Contact "GROUPS".

    If say, I have 10 people in a GROUP, say called "ANDROIDS", after syncing the GROUP "ANDROIDS appears, but I have 10 of them listed, and each of these "Groups" I will have one (1) of the persons listed; the Group seems to expand/explode into individual contacts but with showing as a GROUP called "ANDROIDS". No information is missing, but this cancels completely the reason you set up GROUPS in the first place.

    Has this been experienced by anyone else?

    Is this an issue only with the FREE version, and not with the EXPERT?

    Would be grateful if someone could help me with an answer to this,

    Most grateful, thank you all
    08-05-2011 09:29 AM