1. peters4n6's Avatar
    Thoroughly satisfied with Exchange Sync to my office exchange server from my HTC Thunderbolt.

    But the built in calendar leaves a lot to be desired. Have been reading the developers websites for a variety of Android calendar apps (Jorte, Calengoo, Business Calendar to name a few) and, to my eye, it seems these are replacement calendars, not just nice graphic representations of the existing calendar. Am an old Palm user and I loved Agendus. One of its big selling points was that it did nothing with/to the underlying Palm Desktop calendar -- it just showed you the information in a prettier way, not to mention providing many sexy ways to add and view data.

    Do any Android calendar apps do that? Or are they all self contained products that need to interact with the built in calendar in some round about way? In the end, I'd like to have a nicer data entry/viewing interface that still just look to Exchange Active Sync like the built in calendar.

    Anyone else wedded to ExchangeSync to your office exchange server, but just want something nicer to look at on your phone? What do you use?
    08-05-2011 01:16 PM