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    Mappstr Lite
    Mappstr presents mobile app usage stats in a simple, fun and actionable manner!

    Mappstr lets you easily TRACK, VIEW and SHARE usage of any app on your Android device. Mappstr alerts you about cellular data usage to avoid data plan overage charges, lets you monitor how much time you spend on your favorite apps, and enables you to share your favorite apps with friends and others via social media.

    Mappstr is for everyone who uses mobile apps Use wisely, share socially!

    Mappstr is a service for smartphone and tablet users. Mappstr presents personal App usage analytics in a simple, fun and actionable manner!
    Save Money
    Use Mappstr to analyze your data usage and then select a smartphone or tablet data plan that fits your actual needs. Mappstr gives you multi-device application usage visibility across smartphones and tablets letting you choose the best plan that fits your needs.

    Insight into multi-device application usage patterns is very important since you spend more money on data plans to cover smartphones and tablets
    Have More Fun
    With Mappstr, you can share on Facebook and Twitter which mobile apps you use the most. After all, only one out of five smartphone user plays a mobile game.

    What are your second and third most used apps? How about your friends?

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    08-09-2011 01:30 AM