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    The Story:
    So recently, I was working on a freelance project for a client that I've worked with for years now, but recently projects weren't going very well. And on the latest project, the client called me 5 days in a row at 5 AM. I asked the client to respect business hours of 9AM - 10 PM and to email me for anything outside of that but the client didn't care and continued to call me. Now you might ask, "Why not just turn your phone to silent? Problem solved!" Yes and no. You see, my Mother is getting up there in age and last year she fell down and broke her leg all the way through the tibia and fibula. She was bed ridden for nearly a year and still has a lot of screws in her leg. (God bless her). So you see, I never want to turn my phone to silent because if I get a call anytime day or night I want to get the call and be there. However, I did eventually turn my phone to silent for a few nights to finish up the project and yes, my mother is doing fine even though I turned it to silent. The project wrapped up, got launched, and the client is happy. Because of this, I decided to develop "Do Not Disturb" for myself. So the idea is I can set time periods where if people call or text me my phone will not make a noise except only for the people I add to a whitelist. Kind of like call screening. So yeah, that's the idea.

    Hopefully you like the design and find it a useful too.
    Thanks gang. I appreciate you taking the time to read. Cheers!

    Good For:
    • People with elderly parents who need to leave the phone on at night
    • Parents with children that want them to be able to call anytime.
    • Business people in meetings still needing that important call
    • The Sunday church goer whom forget to turn off the ringer
    • Kids in school: no more forgetting to silence your phone
    • People who need to turn their phone off at work.

    Features at a Glance:
    • Set multiple time periods to for when you do not want to be disturbed.
    • Set a "whitelist" or exception list so important contacts can still get through
    • Works for both calls and SMS messages
    • Intuitive design and simple to use.


    08-12-2011 12:26 AM

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