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    I'm trying to decide what music service to go with, Spotify or Rdio, to go with now Spotify's here in the U.S. I tried the trial for Rdio, and liked it, but didn't get to use it as much as possible. I know it's $10 a month, but how much is Spotify? Also, why do you like one better than the other? (Please don't just say Rdio or Spotify, give reasons .)
    08-13-2011 11:38 AM
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    I choose Rdio over Spotify. Both services are the same price, with Spotify having a free non mobile option also. I thought the Android app was simpler to use and better looking. Music discovery was more built into Rdio via the social aspect. The type of music I like seems to be more available on Rdio also.

    Spotify has seen fit not to have any genre listings which make you have to really know which artists you are looking for.On the computer Spotify is desktop only, where Rdio has desktop and web site interfaces available. Thing is, I didn't find Rdio to be the best choice either for me. I am currently trying Mog and at the start of a trial of Rhapsody I have found both apps to be slightly better that Rdio and much better that Spotify. Spotify took much more effort to reach the same place that any of the others.

    The U.S. tech press has really done us a disservice with hyping the launch of Spotify when American companies were already on the ground with ever improving services that are already ahead of where Spotify.

    These 4 service are all really good though, even Spotify. It's just that they are all just different enough that they need to be tried out to decide. I have been really having a good time discovering them and listening to lots of great music along the way.
    They all cost the same 4.95 for computer only and 9.95 to add the mobile option.
    08-22-2011 04:01 AM

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