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    App : Qs Smart Birthday Wisher
    Version: 1.4
    By: Time Plus Q Technologies Private Limited
    Genre: Social
    Date released: August 2011
    Price: Free
    Platform: Android

    The Smartest Birthday app for Smartphones

    Have a hard time remembering your dear ones' birthdays? Forget to wish your friends on their birthdays? Here is the solution.
    The smartest Birthday app for smart phones is here : Qs Smart Birthday Wisher.
    An essential must have app and widget for automatically wishing all your friends on their birthdays.


    *Automatically wish your friends on their birthday via SMS
    *Automatically wish your friends on their birthday by posting on his Facebook Wall
    *Home Screen Widget showing Today's Birthday
    *Everyday Birthday Remainder
    *Import contacts from Facebook
    *Import contacts from Phone
    *Manually add a contact and merge with existing contact
    *Customize Wish message
    *Exquisite User Interface
    *Interactive Birthday List with search, merge, remove, etc.

    Here is a quick run-through of how to use Qs Smart Birthday Wisher:

    1. To start with, you will have to import your Facebook contacts and Phone contacts. Press Menu-->Sync in the app's home screen.
    2. To manually add contacts, press ADD Button at the top of the screen and enter contact details like name, DOB, Phone Number and FB User Name.
    3. By default, the wisher will be disabled for all the contacts. To enable wisher for all contacts, Long Press a contact and select ENABLE ALL.
    4. To manually enable or disable the wisher for contacts, either
    * click on the contact and enable/disable WISH ON BIRTHDAY option or
    * tap on the ON/OFF button on the left of each contact
    5. Before manually enabling the wisher, ensure that any one of the two wisher services(SMS and Facebook) is enabled.
    6. To enable the SMS Wish feature, either
    * click on the contact and enable/disable WISH VIA SMS option or
    * tap on the SMS ON/OFF button on the right of each contact
    7. To enable the wishing via Facebook Post, either
    * click on the contact and enable/disable WISH VIA FACEBOOK option or
    * tap on the FACEBOOK ON/OFF button on the right of each contact
    8. While enabling the SMS WIsh feature or the Facebook Wish feature, you can customize the time of wishing and the wish message for each contact.
    9. To Logout, press LOGOUT button in the SETTINGS menu.


    Home-Screen Widget
    Search, Merge and Remove Contacts


    * Make sure you have active Internet connection for the Facebook Wisher service to work,
    * You will have to enable any one of the wisher services(SMS Wish or Facebook) in order to enable automatic wishing for a contact.
    * If you select LOGOUT, all the Facebook contacts in the app, will be removed.
    * To sign in as a different user, you will have to log out of the official FACEBOOK APP if it is installed in your phone.
    * In case you manually add a contact, you can sync it with a Facebook profile. Select the contact, type the Facebook name of the contact in the FACEBOOK USERNAME textbox and select any contact from the suggested Friends List.

    Download from android market : https://market.android.com/details?i...eplusq.sbwlite
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    Version 1.4!

    Fixed some minor bugs regarding birthday updation.
    Works better on low-end phones!
    08-22-2011 04:27 AM

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