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    Is there any app that will show the identity of someone who is spoofing me using my boyfriends number? They are life threatening messages and the person has came to our house and set our car on fire while we slept and is threatening the life of my 3 yr old son...local authorities claim they don't handle this type of harassment and don't have the technology. The fbi said they can't help me because its not breaking federal regulations! I have to find proof of this person who is doing this because he's threatening my house next! He is obsessed with me and sends me spoofed messages saying he is watching me and wants to harm the father of my son ! Even some kind of app that would track him by putting his cell number in so I know when he is around my house...I work with this man and have no physical way of getting his phone to install an app! Any suggestions on what to do to would be of great help!

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    08-18-2011 05:04 PM
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    Unfortunately, when spoofing it's done from a server and not the cell phone.
    Usually a person has an account with a company that handle the server.
    There might be an app on the phone to send the message as a spoof but it goes through the server than get routed to the
    receiver of ghe message.

    Where do you live that law enforcment don't want to get involve even with a car set on fire?

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    08-18-2011 06:41 PM
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    I live in warren ohio...right outside of youngstown...about an hour and half from cleveland. We have changed our numbers it took this person 2 days to get my new number and an hour to get my boyfriends someone suggested that he is using some app that is monitoring our phones like a parental app by just placing our numbers known in there and if one of us change our numbers he is using process of elimination and sorting the numbers to figure out which one is mine and vice versa. The local authorities claim they don't have the technology to find out who is doing this. Its been going on now for a month and a half. This person is sick and calls my son his son and that he will have me no matter what and how he is gonna drag the father of my son to the woods to die...I can't get any justice and undoubtedly this man is very smart and knows it will be hard to catch him.

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    08-18-2011 07:07 PM
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    I've heard of a service called Spoofcall. You would have to pay for it. But it does work very well. Part of it runs through the Internet and the phone. But there's not an app. You can hide your number by dialing *67 before the phone number. But this does look like a crime.
    08-18-2011 07:54 PM
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    He's probably getting the new numbers from an aquintance imo.
    Unless he has physical access to your phone to install a monitoring app it's hard to
    track you like that. If you think he did do something like that, do a factory reset of the phone.
    It will wipe all apps and datas. Start clean

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    08-18-2011 08:34 PM