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    There hasn't been an update to the Yahoo Mail app for a while, same as when I installed it back in May on my Epic 4g with Froyo on Sprint.

    It needs an update, as long as it includes some fixes.

    1. There's no option to go through messages oldest to newest. The user is forced to trip backwards in time through conversations or to keep jumping back to the inbox to progress *forwards* through the messages.

    2. There's no BOTTOM POSTING option. You're dropped right into replies on top, with your signature there whether you want it or not. (Way back when on the web version there was a checkbox to append your signature.) If you want to bottom post your replies you have to do a bunch of moving things around.

    3. It's constantly showing the wrong number of new messages, or none at all, in the Inbox and other folders.

    4. It only wants to show 10 new messages at a time in folders and sits there "loading messages" while really doing nothing, even on a good 4G or WiFi connection.

    5. It often takes several attempts to get messages deleted. It's constantly refreshing, kicking back to the inbox with every message I deleted that session magically restored - or if it doesn't kick back the the inbox list it behaves as if there's multiple copies of several messages. Eventually it will give up and actually delete.

    6. Converting from HTML to plain text is very broken. It inserts multiple blank lines all over the place and doesn't put the > in front of lines of replied to text.

    7. There's no option to make the thing NOT automatically launch itself and notify when there's new mail. (Same problem with the Gmail app.) I'll check my e-mail when *I* want to check it. I don't need software running itself when I don't want it.

    The app as it is is barley usable. I can get through my mail much faster by forcing Dolphin to load an older version of the Mail website - NOT the mobile version of the site which is just as much crap as the Android app.
    08-21-2011 09:52 PM