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    Hi everyone,

    Just a little word to let everyone know that we just released a new application for Android on the Market which will let you sync all of your address books, even shared ones with your Android device.
    This application don't need ActiveSync and thus, can sync your contacts with Zimbra OSE, even with Zimbra Webmails from some ISP such as Free.fr in France.
    Your Zimbra contacts are fully integrated in Android's contacts, you can use them just the way you'll do with the others such as making a call, sending an e-mail, ... without having to go through a separated application.
    You can also access these contacts while beeing offline.

    Have fun and every comments are welcomed !

    Here is a link to the homepage : LVContacts Sync for Zimbra and Google Android or find us on the Market.

    05-04-2010 04:42 AM