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  • German version, followed by more languages

    1 50.00%
  • ProfileHelper which suggest and helps to configure

    1 50.00%
  • Tablet layout

    1 50.00%
  • Locale plugin support

    0 0%
  • Car & Home dock condition

    1 50.00%
  • something different suggest in comments

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  1. Bartinger's Avatar
    Smart Phone makes your smartphone even smarter.
    Smart Phone changes the phones settings based on conditions like Location, Time, Battery, SMS text (coming soon Weekday and Car & Home Dock)

    With Smart Phone, you dont have to worry about changing your preferences at any time. Just set up profiles for the locations you spend much time at. For example home, work, school, park, etc… You can easily extend the battery life by by configuring a ‘low battery’ profile where you deactivate everything or by making a “Night mode” profile which turns off Wi-Fi, mobile data and dims the screen while you're asleep. You see, Smart Phone is useful in many situations.
    Go ahead and give it a try ratings and comments are very appreciated and you also would make the developer happy if you rate this post in the upper right to spread the word

    Official website


    * New condition: Weekday
    * 3 profiles for the Lite version
    * Ads in the Lite version
    * Available for devices without telephony

    * now you can access all 7 settings in the Lite version
    * Location bug fixed in 2.2 and 2.1

    * first release!
    * 4 conditions
    * 7 settings (3 for Lite)
    * plugin support

    Smart Phone isnt just a background service that constantly checks if the conditions apply. Nearly all conditions are handled by features of Android. Smart Phone is using these features, so they don’t need to run in the background and won’t drain your battery.

    09-01-2011 04:44 PM
  2. Andlabs's Avatar
    looks pretty professional and stable. Thank you
    what features will come next?
    09-01-2011 04:56 PM
  3. Bartinger's Avatar
    As mentioned I'm currently working on two new conditions: Weekday and Dock. And I'm getting a lot of request to make a german version too.

    But feel free to leave any type of feedback, feature request or suggestion here ...
    09-01-2011 04:58 PM
  4. Bartinger's Avatar
    Smart Phone got updated to 1.2
    I added the new condition weekday and the Free version now allows you to set up 3 profiles

    I also added the changelog in the first post.
    09-02-2011 08:49 AM
  5. Bartinger's Avatar
    Got review
    Creating Apps | Apps & Mobile Developer Insights

    I'll make a poll to vote for the next feature update.
    Please vote or suggest ideas for new features!
    09-07-2011 04:00 PM
  6. dump71's Avatar
    Would you consider "on demand" as a condition for triggering a profile? This feature might be a useful battery saver and might be ideally used with a widget switch. Thanks for listening.
    09-13-2011 03:14 PM