05-07-2010 09:16 AM
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  1. kjparfekt's Avatar
    Thanks for the link, can't wait to try out swype on a droid incredible!!!

    4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download SwypeIncredible.apk

    Goto the above link for the swype that works for the incredible. Even works in landscape. This is an awesome program! I don't think I can go back to the stock keyboard.
    05-07-2010 08:19 AM
  2. rugbyua9's Avatar
    Crap, i can't get it to show up for me to use. I've done the tutorial but Swype didn't work, i had to hit individual letters to get through the tutorial. I have also powered down a couple times too. Anyone have any clue how to get it working on the Incredible?
    05-07-2010 09:10 AM
  3. rugbyua9's Avatar
    Nevermind, i figured out to get it to work. Thanks.
    05-07-2010 09:16 AM
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