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    I have MyFitnessPal installed on my Nexus One and my Nook Color with CM7. A few days ago, there was an update to the MFP app pushed out. The update installed without trouble on the Nexus One, but it would not install on the Nook (no "Install" or "Update" button).

    I tried to delete the app in an effort to force it to update, but that did not work. Visiting the Android Market website showed that the update was listed as "not compatible" with the Nook (why?).

    I have been doing some searching and I found that you could extract the apk from an application (using Astro) and then use that to install. I have been looking for the application on my Nexus One (using Astro) and I cannot find it anywhere. No idea.

    Does anyone have any ideas (1) why this app is not updating on my Nook, or how to get it onto my Nook?


    09-04-2011 02:09 PM