1. spthomas's Avatar
    I'm not a developer so this isn't a technical question. Apps on other platforms have help files, or at least an "about" tab. I'd like to know who wrote the app and maybe a help file. For example, I have 2 weather apps. I don't know who publishes them, so I don't know where they get their info. All I know is the name displayed in the apps list. So I don't even know which one is which if I want to delete one.
    Any ideas or apps about apps?
    09-04-2011 11:23 PM
  2. vinaykrypton's Avatar
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    Team, KryptonSoft, India
    09-06-2011 05:36 AM
  3. spthomas's Avatar
    Not helpful. How do I know what the functionality is? And what if I have a question on how it works? There is no help. And what if I want to know who wrote or published an app? I have two weather apps with no name on them. How do I know who wrote them? They were preloaded on the phone. Where do they get their forecast data? I don't know which one to trust because I don't know who published them.
    09-06-2011 11:33 PM