1. mattwill's Avatar
    I want to be able to instantly log where i am, but maybe add a photo and notes. This is so when i am new cities (which I am a lot) I can remember where i went!!

    Essentailly a historic record of where Ive been!

    I see that there is a program called FOOTPRINTS. This seems almost perfect, except I cant post where I am to my social networks.
    There is foursquare, but I just dont like it and it doesnt do a good historical record.
    I thought maybe google Buzz, but I seems I would need to develop up followers and most everyone I know does not use that program.

    Any suggestions?
    05-06-2010 07:41 PM
  2. doogald's Avatar
    Seesmic for Android supports geotagging/location, and you can post photos through a service like TwitPic with it. And, it's free.

    Android for Twitter - Seesmic
    Seesmic for Twitter - Android app on AppBrain
    05-06-2010 08:05 PM
  3. chdtpn's Avatar
    Try out Evernote, I think it has this type of thing.
    05-06-2010 11:38 PM
  4. anon(12496)'s Avatar
    Or since you have a Google powered phone, you could try My Tracks by Google. It records your journey via GPS, shows statistic like the time of recording, distance traveled, current and average speed and tons more. It can also upload your recorded tracks to My Maps at Google Maps, and you can share them from there with anyone. Also there is My Maps Editor, also from Google, it has the ability to upload geotagged photos to My Maps. And then there is 3banana Notes, which can take geotagged photo notes. Check those out to see if they work for what you want!
    05-07-2010 03:50 AM
  5. DrDoom#AC's Avatar
    Or HTC could build sharing integration into "Footprints", lol. Seems a completely useless app without it, and I WANT to use it.
    06-07-2010 11:31 AM