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    There is a lot of Shoutcast streaming radio apps for the AndroidOS, but I could use some help finding one that has really easy to use touch-screen controls. Right now I use Net2Stream Pro on my Palm Pre to listen to Howard Stern. The app allows me to access my favorites lists and choose a station, while waiting at a red light, really easily and fast; using the simple touch-screen controls. So I am looking for an Android radio app that will allow me to do the same on a EVO 3D.

    Any suggestions?

    09-09-2011 05:06 PM
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    I found a great radio app that works like the Net2Stream Pro on my Palm Pre. It's called "A Online Radio" and it has easy to access touch-screen controls. So I won't be needing anymore help with this question.

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    09-23-2011 11:16 PM