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    Hi there,
    After finally getting the Android Stock Contacts app on my Desire, I'm finally able to use the "Sync Group" option to only show one group (let's call it "cormie) in the phone book. This is all fine, I have ticked off all other groups and only "cormie" is ticked on. It displays the "cormie" contacts and the contacts on the SIM (I can delete them off it later I guess) but the main objective is to just use the "cormie" contacts and nothing else.

    However, when I go to add a new contact and save it, when I sync it to Gmail, the new entry doesn't show up in "cormie" but only in "all contacts" and once the contact is saved on the phone, it doesn't appear in the phone book because I'm only showing "cormie" contacts and it's not there To see the entry I have to go back in and to show all contacts, then I see it.

    This puts a great hindrance on the purpose of the Sync Group option. The guy in post 10 here seems to have got it going, but as you can see in my reply, post 11, it's not saving to the desired group for me!

    I'd really appreciate if anyone has a solution for this and could explain how to get it working properly. Or is there an alternative contacts program that will do it? Also, if anyone knows how to not display SIM contacts in the phonebook please share too

    Any feedback appreciated at all!
    05-08-2010 07:49 AM
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    Brilliant! I think I got a workaround

    When I first started using the phone after rooting it, I selected "contacts" to be the default for all the options and it actually turns out that the Sense "people" app allows you to save a contact to a group even though it doesn't allow you to "sync groups", choosing which groups you want to sync only, so I needed to get the "people" app to be the default for adding contacts.

    What I had to do was go to the main menu > settings > applications > manage applications > scroll down to contacts > and press "clear defaults"

    This clears "contacts" as being the default for all the phonebook related actions. If you go back to the home screen and click "phone" you can set "contacts" as the default for this, but then when you go to add a new contact in contacts, it will ask what app you want to add a contact with, click set as default and click the "people" app. Now all "add to contact" actions will be carried out using "people" app, here you can select the group you wish to save it to and then it will show up perfectly in the "contacts" "contacts" menu and will be synched correctly to the chosen group on Gmail!

    I think, after 18 days of buying it, I'm finally ready to put my normal sim card in the phone and start using it as a phone! Finally!
    05-08-2010 11:19 AM