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    I tried Market for a VOIP program and got the following: "About 592 results"

    Now, I could try them all, but I think that might be overly time consuming...

    Does anyone know if there is a (free) VOIP program that will work over my wireless connection and allow me to call mobile numbers ?

    I'm in the UK and just come off a contract onto payg - it's starting to look like another contract might be cheaper, unless I can find a VOIP that works....

    Any advice on this would be handy - even if it just helped me decide which ones not to try....


    09-15-2011 06:03 PM
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    You can use Viber, Skype or Kakaotalk :-) those are the most popular.

    or you can try our Vippie, it's our first free VoIP sofphone. It's really easy to try because you don't need to register (your phone number will be your ID). Vippie allows you make free calls, video calls, sending text messages to all (if you want to call to someone who hasn't Vippie, app will use VoIP to do it). If you have any Questions - just ask me via private message, I'll answer asap. :-)
    05-23-2012 09:30 AM

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