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    I'm looking for some of the best Android wallpaper resizer apps. I am currently using Wallpaper Wizardrill, which is a great app, but the app doesn't yet have a back-button. So after you pick an image for viewing and then use the hardware backspace button to go back to the folder where the pic came from, you are completely exited out of the app. So that makes navigating through folders of pics difficult. The other app I am using is Wallpaper Set&Save, which is also good, but that app also makes it difficult to sort through pictures, because you have to sort through the folder of pics by sliding your finger from side-to-side through each and every pic; instead of being able to view the whole folder of pics all at the same time like Wizardrill allows for.

    I did a bunch of searches trying to find these types of apps, but the authors of the threads, posts, articles, etc; didn't go into any really helpful details on which apps worked best and what features that they felt made the apps so great in the first place. Now I know one persons best is another persons worst, but I will try out any app that is posted here, whether free or paid.

    So please if you could, post some apps that allow the user to resize and post pictures into full-screen wallpaper, that you have found helpful and maybe list a feature or two that makes that app your favorite.

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    09-24-2011 08:13 PM
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    Right after I posted this thread I found an Android app called (Crop Wallpaper) which works really well and is setup in a way where it is easy to sort through, crop, resize and set pics as full-screen Wallpaper on my phone. I still want to discover more apps like this, so please still post suggestions on what wallpaper resizing apps that you have found to be helpful. That way when people find this thread during a Google search, they will have some great ideas on what apps to look for.

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    09-24-2011 10:03 PM