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    Been to a party where you snapped a lot of cool pictures but unfortunately used your friends phone for it, and now that you need them you dont have any to share with your online friends, family and colleagues. Requesting your friends to send over a dozen MMSs isnt a fair idea and to some extent is inhuman way to share pics, neither is sharing pictures over social media a great way to get and send pictures. Wouldnt it be cool if the receiver puts in all the effort to get the pictures rather than the sender? What if you could get all the pictures you snapped last night with your friends phone in just a couple of taps from your own device. Yes thats the power of computing and exactly what PixeGrab does for you.

    PixeGrab puts you at the driver seat. With PixeGrab you ask to have photos sent to your cell phone now, you will see those photos from your friends cell phone in the shortest possible time. With PixeGrab, you sync 50 photos with ONE simple invitation and NOT by sending 50 MMS.

    09-28-2011 02:56 PM