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    Anyone using juice defender? I'm still on the fence with it. What kind of settings to use any what they do... I have it set to enable/screen off with Apps like email and whatnot and I still sometimes don't get email notifications... even weather bug is weird. Suggestions on how to configure would be great. Do you really see a change in battery life/performance? Thanks
    09-29-2011 10:04 PM
  2. cron912's Avatar
    JuiceDefender can typically help battery life if you are a light to moderate user. If you're a heavy user, or like to turn you phone on frequently (every 10-20 minutes to check things), it's most likely not going to dramatically improve your battery life. In fact, it can make your battery life worse if you're a heavy user or constant fiddler. I've been using it (including JD Ultimate) for several months now, and on days when my use falls into the light-moderate range, it approximately doubles my battery life.

    As far as your email goes, is it POP email or IMAP? Did you set your email client up in the Apps section of JD? If your trying to set it up in the Apps, I haven't use that, so I can't help you there. I think in most cases that's used for apps like Pandora, Google Music, etc. All of my email addresses are IMAP, so I just have JD configured to turn data on every hour, performing a ping, and my email will come through. If you need your email in real time, then JD may not work for you. Or maybe someone else can help you in this area.

    Here's how mine is configured, but I'm using JD Ultimate. And I've only listed settings that specifically have something selected.


    JuiceDefender Ultimate - enabled
    Profile - Advanced


    Mobile data - enabled
    WiFi - enabled
    Options - wifi preferred
    3G toggle - disabled
    AutoSync - ping


    Schedule - enabled
    Frequency - 1h
    Duration - 15s
    Controls - default
    Night - enabled
    Start/End - 11pm -> 6am
    Adaptive start/end - +2, -2
    Peak - disabled
    Weekend - disabled


    Battery - enabled
    Battery threshold - 15%
    Charger - ac
    Screen - enabled
    Controls - default
    Traffic - normal, 15s
    Apps - disabled
    Location - enabled
    09-30-2011 09:04 AM