10-12-2010 02:05 PM
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  1. theoverdrive's Avatar
    I'm trying to cut down on messages posted to the server and received back...but at the moment it's hard to do so. Is there any particular section which you feel is really sluggish? What kind of a connection are you on?
    I can't speak for him, but for me, it's the most sluggish when it's returning results of a search. When it's still processing the search request, it can be hard to scroll around the map. But I think it's tolerable to be honest - if you're searching a big area, you need to be patient.

    That said, it performs fast enough for all other functions.

    I'm on a Droid Incredible, a mixture of Wi-fi and Verizon 3G.
    05-31-2010 09:08 PM
  2. BeerBelly's Avatar
    Thanks. I'm probably gonna implement a text view as well. With users around you and the distance to them.
    06-01-2010 03:43 AM
  3. BeerBelly's Avatar

    push messaging is implemented in a rough way right now I'm asking for some beta testers if someone would be interested.
    Just state your phone model please and the username in the app.
    06-02-2010 06:23 AM
  4. theoverdrive's Avatar
    I'd be up for beta testing the push messaging.

    Username: theoverdrive
    Phone: Droid Incredible
    06-02-2010 09:59 AM
  5. Spunks3's Avatar
    EVO 4G, RoX ( i mentioned this on the xda forum as well) thanks!
    06-02-2010 09:31 PM
  6. BeerBelly's Avatar
    Nice, you will be getting the links to the APK in the next days
    06-03-2010 07:53 AM
  7. BeerBelly's Avatar
    Details for beta testing sent out. If anyone else wishes to join, say so.
    06-04-2010 12:02 PM
  8. Blacker.the.berry's Avatar
    Details for beta testing sent out. If anyone else wishes to join, say so.
    Sure ill join in
    06-04-2010 12:24 PM
  9. BeerBelly's Avatar
    Update posted on the market:

    - push messaging
    - messaging system redesigned (inbox, sent, contact list)
    - settings divided into 3 logical subgroups
    - the chance to edit the profile from within the app (not pictures yet though)
    - app is faster now

    Try it!
    06-06-2010 10:48 AM
  10. Kage_'s Avatar
    Got it installed, looks good. I'll play with it more later.
    06-06-2010 10:24 PM
  11. BeerBelly's Avatar
    Any thoughts so far?
    06-10-2010 07:15 AM
  12. QuasarZ's Avatar
    I didnt read through all the pages, but could this be like a BBM? With instant texts running in background or do you have to have the application open to text other users?
    06-10-2010 10:22 AM
  13. BeerBelly's Avatar
    The instant text service runs in the background so you don't need to have the app open. It's the same principle as sms, only data.
    06-10-2010 02:12 PM
  14. theoverdrive's Avatar
    There were some issues early on when you released the push messaging (which we already discussed privately), but it appears to be working fine now. Overall, the overhaul of the messaging system is for the better - there are a few things that could make it better:

    • Mass delete of notifications - I have a large number of notifications and it looks like the bigger that number is, the longer it takes to load my Inbox.
    • The Inbox probably needs to update more frequently (whenever the user goes to another screen and comes back). There have been a few cases where I respond to a message, go back to the Inbox, only to find the message I just responded to is still considered a new notification.
    • Sort function - There should be a way to sort notifications by different criteria. The Sent box currently has all friend requests at the top, so I always have to scroll down to find sent messages even though I just sent them.
    • I think I mentioned this before, but it'd be nice if we could change the time zone used for timestamping notifications, too.

    The snapback fix is a welcome fix. I seem to be experiencing a strange issue where the app doesn't always remember what I did last on the map. So when I come back to the map, all I see on my screen is some totally random spot on the map. Not a huge deal, but a little annoying.

    I mentioned this before, but I'll mention it again since it could use a bump up the priority chain - searching by activity level. There are more and more grey accounts everyday (since there are more and more new accounts, obviously), which I think is beginning to bog down searches. If there was a way to filter out the grey accounts, I think performance would see an improvement.

    Something that might make the map a little more interactive would be chat bubbles for users that you are currently having a conversation with.

    Otherwise, I think the app is progressing well.
    06-10-2010 02:54 PM
  15. QuasarZ's Avatar
    The instant text service runs in the background so you don't need to have the app open. It's the same principle as sms, only data.
    How do I message someone then without opening the app? Or do I have to open the app, begin the conversation, and then from that point I won't need to use the app?
    06-10-2010 07:48 PM
  16. BeerBelly's Avatar
    For the moment you need to open the app to start a conversation. I'm working on a contacts section right now, where you'll be able to do just that.

    - mass delete is coming...need to figure out a way how to do it though...the best way would probably be to add a checkbox to each msg and then have an option to delete them, but that's a bit of a problem to implement...

    - inbox is ment to refresh on every single reload, but I'm guessing the back button doesn't perform a refresh so I'm gonna have to find a different solution for it

    - sort and time zones are coming

    - i'm gonna add an option to location settings to only show non grey users
    06-11-2010 01:07 AM
  17. thekarens's Avatar
    I really like this app. It has a lot of potential.
    06-11-2010 06:56 AM
  18. BeerBelly's Avatar
    Thank you. Trying hard to improve it with each update
    06-12-2010 03:27 PM
  19. Kage_'s Avatar
    I just selected my messages and I'm getting an error. There was an error while downloading data. Please try again later. I tried a few times then gave up. I looked at log collector, but didn't see much in the log from Android Town. Check your PM for a name suggestion...
    06-12-2010 11:03 PM
  20. BeerBelly's Avatar
    I'm not sure why messaging would give an error. I am gonna fix some bugs in the next update though. It might not bring much in the sense of added functions, but it will fix quite a few bugs.
    06-15-2010 02:26 AM
  21. XXXdc5's Avatar
    im late..... but i think i might grab this and give it a go
    06-15-2010 04:11 AM
  22. BeerBelly's Avatar
    You're never late
    06-15-2010 05:42 AM
  23. BeerBelly's Avatar
    Just so I get this started a bit again...is there an option you'd most like to see in the app?
    06-16-2010 03:25 PM
  24. Tower72's Avatar
    There isnt much I can say that hasnt already been said. I browsed thru this forum and decided to give it a shot as well. Installation went easy, and im the only person on (just outside Milwaukee) but I agree 100% that this has got the makings to be a widely popular app .

    Beerbelly, im going to rate this App 5 stars ASAP. I came from the iPhone and while they had a lot of awesome apps, I dont think I can name 1 that I used where the developer is this "open" and willing to listen to peoples thoughts/comments and actually impliment them, not to mention be a frequent poster on forums. You are an A+ class guy and I wish you continued success with this app, and I also hope it expands and becomes THE app to have

    Friend request sent :P
    BeerBelly likes this.
    06-16-2010 04:30 PM
  25. joek1971's Avatar
    installing it right now, i am in NYC
    BeerBelly likes this.
    06-16-2010 05:04 PM
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