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    I have am using Launcher Pro Plus on the original HTC DInc and am getting ready to trade up. I'm thinking I'll likely go for either the HTC "Vigor" or the Nexus "Prime" when they are released.

    Going with another HTC is appealing since I'm already accustomed to Sense. But am I really using Sense if I have LPro running over it? And, if I decide to go with the Prime (stock Android) and run LPro on that phone, will I essentially have the same or very similar interface that I would have with LPro running over Sense on the Vigor?

    Basically I'm wondering, as a loyal user of Launcher Pro, if Sense vs stock should play into my phone choice if I plan on using LPro either way. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    09-30-2011 04:17 PM
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    It won't matter either way. Any of the launchers you can get on the market are basically their own things; meaning, if you run Launcher Pro over Sense, you're not using Sense at all. Launcher Pro will look the same regardless of if your phone is running Sense, Blur, or any other manufacturer launchers.

    The only thing it might make a slight difference on is battery consumption. Honestly, I'm not sure how much battery the manufacturer launchers use, versus things like Go Launcher, Launcher Pro, ADW, etc. I'd imagine it's not really THAT big of a factor, though.
    09-30-2011 05:18 PM
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    Thanks so much for the clarification. This really takes my thinking in a whole new direction.
    09-30-2011 05:42 PM