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    Measures time spent on each app. See which apps to uninstall because you're not using them!
    The most accurate app usage tracker! Accurate to less than a second on Android 1.6 and up.

    Main features:
    * Free (for now)
    * Shows app usage by time or number of launches.
    * See usage for today, the last week, the last month, or since installing.
    * Click on apps for more information, like first launch, install date, etc.
    * Uses virtually no battery power- only records when you change apps, unlike others which check every x seconds!

    See how much time you're wasting on Angry Birds or Facebook!

    10-06-2011 07:49 AM
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    Quick update:

    Added default icon for apps with no icon. 1.3 had this for new users; 1.3.2 fixes it for upgrading users.
    10-09-2011 10:44 AM
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    Update: We released a pro add-on that opts you out of the data screen. Keep in mind that the non-pro version collects NON-IDENTIFIABLE information. In other words, this is more anonymous than using google. But as requested, we released a pro add-on version to suit some customers at a very reasonable price. We are currently working on new features for both versions, but the pro will have some extra add-ons. Thanks for all the replies and email, we take your feedback very seriously.

    Link to pro: https://market.android.com/details?i...rs.appusagepro
    12-04-2011 08:57 PM