1. Andrew Ruffolo's Avatar
    I feel like I've tried them all, but I want to try something the WinMo guys have gotten to work. With Sense Phones comes Flash Lite. It is capable of playing online games, and also has a stand alone app on the phone, not just a browser plugin. I have a bunch of flash games saved to my sdcard, but no file manager will allow me to open the .swf files with the HTC Flash app. Anyone got any ideas, or can make a file maker that can?

    Here is what I'm talking about:
    05-13-2010 09:39 PM
  2. Cory Streater's Avatar
    Thanks for being our first poster I too would be interested in such an app.
    05-13-2010 10:35 PM
  3. Andrew Ruffolo's Avatar
    I had beezy move it to data/app instead of /system/app to see if that was proving some problems with the file maker recognizing it as a usable app.
    05-13-2010 11:11 PM