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    Version 2.1.0: Supports themes.

    ** Multi Texter has no limit to send messages **
    There is no limit to send to 20 contacts or anything like that. It is totally unlimited from the app. Just that the total number should not reach 100 messages in an hour for the app thats an android limit. If you have removed the limit then you can send unlimited messages from my app.

    Hey guys. I have made an app that lets you send multiple messages to multiple contacts. For example, you can select 15 messages from a unified inbox and send them to 20 contacts. It's got tons of more features, and it's free. Do try it and review it.

    Description: "It's different!"

    What makes it different is that in this app you can choose multiple SMS from a unified Inbox to send to multiple Contacts. In other apps you choose a single message to send to many people. But here you can choose multiple SMS. This is a must have app if you like to forward a lot of messages. Works in multiple threads so you get TRUE Multi Texting.

    *Custom Messages
    *Multiple SMS
    *Multiple Recipients
    *Retry Failed Attempts

    *Search through Messages and Contacts by Message Content or Contact Name
    *Delete multiple messages-Press menu in "Create"


    Here is the market link: http://market.android.com/details?id...ax.multitexter

    Direct download(For use if Market not available):
    10-07-2011 02:06 PM