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    Do you suspect people are fiddling with your mobile while you're away?
    Now you can catch them red handed!

    When armed, redHanded will silently start taking shots at predefined intervals through your mobile's front facing camera each time it's unlocked. The shots taken will be conveniently saved to your gallery with the current time-stamp allowing you to identify who was messing with your mobile and when.

    If you are the one unlocking your phone while redHanded is armed, you can abort the shooting process by a quick shake of the mobile within a second of the unlock or anytime by accessing the app and entering your 4 digit code.

    redHanded has two shooting modes:
    Standard Shooting
    This mode takes regular shots from the camera and produces better resolution images than the other mode.
    However, on some mobiles, the shutter sound is impossible to mute rendering the application immediately noticeable.

    Capture from Preview
    This mode captures frames from the live preview of the camera. The resolution of the images taken depends on the supported preview sizes of your phone.
    This option is guaranteed to be completely silent.

    Important Notice
    redHanded has been tested with default launcher only. It might not work properly with home replacement apps.


    10-11-2011 08:02 AM

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