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    Anytime you go to use public WiFi in a library, hotel, coffee shop, etc, they first shuttle you to that standard page where you need to agree to their terms of service. Most of these pages are abysmally designed and almost impossible to read on a smart phone, so you end up zooming and panning around trying to find the tiny little "I agree" link after not bothering to read the boilerplate legalese.

    It'd be nice if my phone could maintain a whitelist of such pages, so that if a page on the whitelist popped up, it'd automatically just hit the right button or follow the correct link to enable access.

    Drawing a blank searching, but wonder if anyone knows of an Android app or browser that can do this?
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    05-15-2010 06:59 AM
  2. Qazme's Avatar
    If you pinch to zoom the text wraps to the screen, then use your optic track pad? Worked for me. As far as whitelisting etc, I don't believe you'll find that.
    05-15-2010 09:05 AM