1. cino85's Avatar
    ETAOI is a new type of keyboard, specially designed for touch screens. Whilst compact, it comes with a full functionality of a standard QWERTY. In fact, it offers more: it’s intuitive, fast and supports a number of languages.

    ETAOI takes less than a third of the area required by a standard keyboard. This helps you focus on what’s on screen. The result is more convenient, mistake-free typing which doesn’t interfere with the flow of your thoughts.


    After downloading and installing the application, go to:
    Tick the checkbox.

    Press and hold any text field on your screen, until the “EDIT TEXT” menu appears.
    Select the “INPUT METHOD”.
    Tick “ETAOI”.

    For further information pleas don't hesitate to contact us at: fabiosagama at hotmail.com

    We have the website: etaoikeyboard.com ETAOI Keyboard - write and command[/url]
    with all instructions as HOW TO USE IT.
    10-13-2011 06:10 PM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    Although it looks interesting, it makes me think that it turns out to be a lot more work to write words. Each swipe is for one letter.

    When comparing it to Swype, FlexT9, or TouchPal, each swipe is a word (instead of one letter). Then, you have text prediction (SwiftKey and TouchPal), as well as other keyboards that display words with just a few letters typed.

    Where this takes up a lot less room, others do things to make typing faster (word selection, text prediction). I would be interested in seeing side-by-side comparisons with some of the more popular keyboards.
    10-13-2011 07:09 PM