11-13-2010 11:34 AM
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  1. Dana Jeffries's Avatar
    I'll add a vote for Secforms.

    I'm a long time user of SPB Wallet which has shown no interest in the android platform. That leaves me looking for a replacement.

    I find that SplashID, Handy Safe and Secforms are all very good.

    I've chosen Secforms as it syncs with the desktop. I want one password tool for the PC and my Incredible.

    Secforms offers template forms which are customizable and you can create your own templates as well.

    Each form is also customizable,

    Secforms offers folders and I like to organize by folder. And folders within folders.

    One thing I've learned from the SPB Wallet fiasco is that you need a way to export your data in a format that can be reused.

    SPB Wallet only offers an unformated text dump. If you have as much information stored in the db as I do that's a lot of fairly useless information.

    What I have done is export from spb wallet then added all that info to a note field on a general data form I created. Now, one by one, I remove the information from that dump into forms (records) in Secforms.

    SecForms only has an outline list, not a card view or icon view like some of the others.
    09-27-2010 06:57 PM
  2. icebike's Avatar
    I have it on good authority that mSeven will be releasing their mSecure app for Android RSN. (Augusty Setptembey time frame).

    This is one of the better iPhone wallets, and has an optional desktop component as well.

    mSeven Software

    The desktop option costs 15 bucks, but you really don't need it if you keep everything on the phone.

    It has the option of saving backups, emailing an encrypted backup, restoring from backups, and syncing with desktop (if you buy that option).

    mSecure is now in the market.

    There is a FREE desktop Backup utility (backs up via wifi). And also a Paid desktop version of the whole app, which includes two way wifi sync.

    All encrypted with industrial grade blowfish.
    11-12-2010 05:59 PM
  3. Gekko's Avatar
    i changed my process and now use Dropbox instead of FTP.

    all of my sensitive data is stored in an MS Word 2007 strong encrypted and password protected file that i save in my personal Dropbox folder on my PC and i access with the Android Dropbox App and open it with Documents To Go 3.0.
    11-12-2010 06:36 PM
  4. dcreed's Avatar
    Here's a vote for KeePass (keepass.info). It works, has a Windows client to use, too.

    And telling people the URL is priceless because it looks like...well...you know.
    11-12-2010 07:33 PM
  5. risingsun124's Avatar
    I like Kuffs. I just need it on my phone. It says it can sync etc, but that's not what I need really. It is very similar to Ascendo Data Vault and Splash ID (IIRC). It's free so no harm in checking it out if it meets your criteria.
    11-13-2010 11:34 AM
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