1. j-bo's Avatar
    I've read some threads on GPS Navigation apps that you can use being offline, but they were rather old threads.

    Are there any new apps out there that offer GPS Navigation (for driving) that you can be offline and use them?

    Google navigation is great and all....but having to be connected to the net eats up MB's and if you are out in the boonies (like I am) and don't have service, it's quite useless.

    I'm thinking on going to with the COPILOT LIVE app, can some that have used this app chime in?

    Others out there that are really good and worth the money to spend on the app?

    Or... do most just get a "real" GPS, like garmin, etc. and don't use their droids for this?

    10-21-2011 10:14 AM
  2. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    In Google Maps, press Menu -> Labs and turn on the "Pre-Cache Map Area" lab.

    The function is explained in the writeup, but basically go somewhere with service (or be connected to Wi-fi) and find the location you want, then you can cache the maps for that area so they are available offline when you are traveling in that area.

    That being said, I have a "real" GPS I carry along as well, but the lab above works well.
    10-21-2011 11:21 AM
  3. j-bo's Avatar
    Anyone else? No one uses offline GPS nav?
    10-24-2011 08:24 AM
  4. baseballfanz's Avatar
    I have CoPilot USA, it work pretty good. It actually routed me on some new roads to get me home when google map still route me the long way. These roads have been paved for at least 3 years now.
    I don't use none of the Live stuffs they offer.
    10-24-2011 11:43 PM
  5. j-bo's Avatar
    After researching this to no end. I've downloaded SYGIC GPS.

    Copilot reviews were not so good, especially with the comments of very old maps.

    Sygic forum did have some issues with the Galaxy S2 (crashing at startup and occasionally on long road trips) , but reading extensively, their engineers and customer service people are working with the end users who have issues and seem to have a genuine interest in solving the issues. The maps seem to be more up to date than others, except for mapquest/google (but those are ON line apps only).

    I looked at: Ndrive, wisepilot, navigon, copilot, and telenav (can't get as I'm AT&T, yo have to use AT&T navigator).

    So, I'll update after I install the 7 day trial for Sygic.

    Hopefully google maps and/or mapquest will have an off line version in the future.
    10-25-2011 08:29 AM
  6. j-bo's Avatar
    Update 10.26.11:

    Downloaded the Sygic trial version yesterday.

    Used it last night and this morning and had zero issues.

    Downloading the maps was easy and quick. However, I wish there was a "select all" to get all 50 USA states downloaded instead of doing them individually. But, I only really needed the 5 states in my general area, so no big deal.

    There were a lot of streets that had no names, streets that have been there for at least the last 20yrs, but most of those were short streets or "personal" streets, not any main streets. I'm not sure how the app handles each and every street in my rural area. They use TomTom supplied maps.

    I did go a different route than what was planned out by Sygic. I was somewhat bummed that it kept wanting me to make a U-Turn, instead of saying "re-routing" to pick up where I turned. Once I went about 1/4 mile or less, it picked up the new route. But it never said anything. It should say re-routing to let me know it knew I took a different route.

    I tried the shortest route option and the fastest route option. In looking at what it planned out, it was pretty darn good as I did it on a route I travel daily.

    It picked up speed limit signs on major highways/interstates, and some not so major. It alerted you when you went over the speed limit with a chime and caution sign by the speed limit sign.

    I used it in 2d and 3d modes and both worked fine for me. I prefer the 3d mode.

    This is a pretty loaded app and does not need to be connected to the net to operate. Of course, if you are doing something outside of the maps, then you will need a connection to use those options.

    It is tricky to know what to do though on the trial version. It asks to activate, or it has a "later" option. Just hitting later takes you to the app.

    The app is all I could ask for. I won't use it much, but when I need it, I'm confident it will get me to where I'm going.

    I'm buying it today.
    10-26-2011 09:50 AM