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    Hi Android central forums,

    My name is Timothy Cody and after months of hard work after the idea was birthed the app's demo is finally available on android for free right now!

    The basic idea is that if you run my app while driving safely (which doesn't block your phone ever, and also you choose when to run it or not) then we reward you with cash we've received from donations, and you become eligible for rewards from our affiliates.

    You can read all about the app here:

    That's an article a local magazine wrote about our app, it's explained by them than we ever could.

    Or checkout the website I made for it.


    Another neat feature is that all our app users who use the app get added to our online copy of the database which we call the leaderboard here: www.DriveAliveApp.com/lea.html The Drive Alive App Leaderboard Don't worry though, if you choose to be anonymous while setting up the app your real name won't be posted, but for those of you who don't mind your name being up there you can brag about being our # 1 safest driver, and also have the best chance for earning rewards.

    There is currently about $250.00's in donations ready to be given out to users who download and run the app demo while driving safely today! Don't miss out!

    I'll be checking this post often to answer any questions you may have about the app, so ask away! Thanks for reading.

    Download link:

    https://market.android.com/details?i...re=search_resu lt
    10-22-2011 03:54 PM

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