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    I just ordered the family new phones and my mom didnt want something too fancy (like the ET4G I got me and the wife) so I ended up picking her up the milano since it also doesnt need the premium data fee (advantage plan). anyways I am setting it up with all her accounts and some apps I think shed use. one of them I used frequently on my optimus was a flashlight app. in the market it seemed like most I found were for led flashes, so I got appbrain and went online and found the one I used. tried to sync and install but it says not compatible with the device. so i pick another on appbrain, same thing. for some reason the ones I find that just change the screen to white and brighten it all the way seem to be incompatible with this phone. anyone know why? or anyone know of a flashlight app that works the screen and works on this phone?


    p.s. if anyone is curious I have launcher pro, and a few other apps installed, couple widgets loaded and after a fresh reboot the scores are

    antutu - 1589 (3d graphics 618)
    neocore - 54.9 fps
    quadrant - 1240
    linpack - 9.77
    nenamark1 - 38.9 fps
    10-27-2011 01:49 AM