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    My company just began offering a couple android handsets rather than the standard Blackberries all have been using for years. However, since we use Lotus Notes, this means I have to use the specific Lotus Notes Traveler mail, calendar, and contact apps. I previously played with them on a Nook Color 6 months ago, and the aps were somewhat basic. What I find astounding is that I can find few resources on the web on android users who are using Traveler! I guess this shows how few companies are continuing to use Lotus Notes.

    I use Traveler for my iPad, but it's invisible and just integrates my work info into the native iPad apps. Based on what I know, I'm just going to keep my Blackberry until the iPhone is an option. If anyone has experience with Traveler on Android and/or knows of any good resources that Google can't find, I'd be interested!
    10-27-2011 08:58 PM