1. vicw926a4's Avatar
    I just read on PCMag.com that Amazon has announced that they will release a Kindle App for Android in a couple of weeks, or so, and included a link to the Amazon announcement:
    Kindle for Android . That's great news for me. I've been checking for news on that app for weeks now, as I want to move over to Android in July from iPhone, and the Kindle app is a must-have for me.
    05-18-2010 10:25 AM
  2. robbies7897's Avatar
    That's so awesome! I love reading so maybe it'll be just as good as Aldiko!
    05-18-2010 07:02 PM
  3. GZ20TT's Avatar
    I only hope that they let us have it in Australia.
    So far we've missed out on everything - Google Nav, Regular Amazon/Kindle etc.

    Stupid local licensing!
    When will publishing houses finally realise that national borders don't mean anything anymore.
    05-18-2010 08:24 PM
  4. CRKhead's Avatar
    Being that the Barnes and Noble Nook is Android based... I'm curious if this app will work on that device as well... B&N would probably find a way to block it...
    05-18-2010 08:39 PM
  5. Genetic_Bloom's Avatar
    You can't install apps on the Nook anyway as far as I know unless it's rooted which B&N doesn't condone anyway so I don't think you'll even have to worry about B&N blocking it.

    I would think it would hurt your eyes to be reading a book on a cell phone but I'm still excited to try it out whenever it's released.
    05-18-2010 11:58 PM