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    Bear SMS Scheduler Lite and Pro

    After months of hard working, Bearstouch Software finally packed is first appliacation and right now is available on Android Market.

    In the first version we packed a selection of great features that we think that will be useful for everybody.
    Two different version are available , the lite version, a free version, and pro version that supply some additional features.

    Feature List:

    Create Single or Multipart Messages that will delivered right on the time for your customers , friends , partners and lovers Available on pro and lite version
    Contact Groups - Create groups easily with your contact list Available on pro version
    Outbox a page to get a detailed report about all the messages sent , delivery date time and status- Available on pro version

    Multi-language Suport 4 native languages : English,Spanish,Spanish and Portuguese -Available on pro and lite version

    Schedules Recreation - After a device booting your schedules will be recreated without problems - Available on pro and lite version

    Network Monitoring If network is down or you are in a place without network , is not a problem. After the network goes up your messages will be delivered without your intervention - Available on pro and lite version

    We are planning regular updates for the application but if you think that you have a great idea for us please share it whit us over email our twitter account or our facebook account.


    Download on Android Market

    Lite Version:

    Pro Version:

    Please visit Bear SMS Scheduler Micro Site
    Bear SMS Scheduler for Android

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    10-31-2011 04:57 PM