1. jnadelman's Avatar
    So I did a factory reset yesterday. Before hand I backed everything up in Appbrain. I also used Astro and backed everything up that way onto my SD card. I then put all of that onto my PC.
    Everything went fine except for 1 app.

    I went to appbrain and tried to get it, and it told me it was not there.
    I went to the market and I could not find it.
    I went to the backup dir from Astro and there was no APK for it.
    I also checked my PC for the APK and it was not there either.

    Am I just SOL now? Is there any way for me to get it back?
    11-01-2011 09:31 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Log into the desktop version of the market and look for your download history. If it's not there then you are probably at a loss and can't retrieve it. Either the app was removed from the market or is no longer compatible with your device (which I don't think is the case).
    11-01-2011 11:07 AM
  3. baseballfanz's Avatar
    what app is it? apps get taken of the matket all the time

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    11-02-2011 01:59 AM