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    I posted this in the dedicated LiveProfile forum, however, I know it will get more play here.


    Is anyone aware if the LP folks are still supporting the product? They haven't tweeted since August 20th, and it was on August 10th that they indicated that LiveProfile 2.0 was "coming soon."

    I need a SMS/IM app that is reliable and instantly fast, and I've been noticing some delays and/or messages getting lost in space lately. It's a shame, because I think the product/service is wonderful. They got off to such a fast start, and were all over the different iPhone/Android/BlackBerry forums when they launched. Then, they disappeared and stopped responding to e-mails and tweets.

    Any ideas? If they have stopped working on and bettering their product, I'll likely be checking out Samsung's ChatON, eBuddy XMS and possibly again checking out WhatsApp (although I found it to be VERY unreliable to the point of it not working for hours when I had it installed on my old BB). Of course, if BBM or Gtalk went cross platform from Android to iPhone, my choices would be narrowed greatly.
    11-02-2011 10:39 AM