1. Adiliyo's Avatar
    so i was installing some extensions for chrome and ran across a rss reader called FeedSquares.

    turns out they also have an app for android, so i installed it and i like it a lot.

    i'm not a huge rss guy, but what it has is nice to me. it syncs with google reader and shows the various feeds as seperate squares (reminds me of the zune interface in a way, or even the stock 2.1 gallery app)

    so do a search for "FeedSquares" in the market and give it a whirl
    05-19-2010 12:29 AM
  2. XXXdc5's Avatar
    I was just going to post a thread about rss. I might still post but I'm going to try this out. Thanks !!
    05-20-2010 05:33 PM