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    So as I am impatiently waiting for my Galaxy Nexus (also my first Android device) I am currently preparing myself to enjoy Android in its full glory and amazing features, one of which is bluetooth connection to my car.

    I have just bought a new bluetooth set for my car and I am planning to use it along with Vlingo's InCar app.

    I bought the Belkin AirCast bluetooth set at a reasonably cheap price of $30: Belkin : AirCast Auto HandsFree

    the bluetooth set allows me to push a single button that acts as many functions (a single press plays music, two presses skip the track, much like mic capabilities on headphones). After some thorough research I have realized that my idea of having the ultimate bluetooth connection in my car is not achievable.

    Here's what I was expecting:

    - When I enter my car, the bluetooth connection will already have been established and I can play music without taking the phone out of the pocket (this should be no problem)
    - At the same time when Bluetooth connection is established, Vlingo's InCar App is automatically turned on
    - with the incar app turned on, it can automatically read messages
    - as it is always listening, I can also use voice commands for navigation, texting or calling someone, again without taking the phone out of the pocket
    - If I come across a certain song I don't like, I can use the bluetooth's button to skip it, while the incar app still active

    But from reading comments in Vlingo's website, I can see that most of these features are simply not available yet:
    - when I press the button, I may be able to change the music but it would turn off Vlingo's incar app
    - The music also never turns off when Vlingo's talking to me
    - if the music does not stop, voice command will also be interfered with because of loud background noise
    - integration with bluetooth is not currently fully functional - Vlingo talks out of the phone's speakers and not out of bt output

    These features are all that I have read from users' comments, and since I don't have my phone or my bluetooth headset at the moment, I can't really do anything to prove myself wrong, so for those who have tried the app and have used it extensively, can you please vouch your thoughts and experience?

    prove me wrong so that I don't hate my purchases before I actually receive them! but if I ended up hating the bt system, I can always give it to my brother as a Christmas present

    11-07-2011 08:26 AM
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    Hey, I'm another Galaxy Nexus user looking at the Belkin AirCast. How did you find your experience with it?
    01-22-2012 01:37 AM