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    New to Droid. I searched but couldn't find an answer to this question. Thanks for any help.

    If I download and install a paid app and choose to uninstall it, is it removed from the phone? If I wanted to install it again, do I have to pay again?

    More specifically, I installed Notify Me to give me better vibrate function for SMS on my Razr. But I want to try Handcent. I was hoping not to have these apps battle each other and cause me issues.
    11-11-2011 09:20 AM
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    If you uninstall an app It's gone. If you bought it it should be tied to that account. So you can download it again at a later date.

    Hope this helps! Enjoy your new device!

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    11-11-2011 09:23 AM
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    11-11-2011 09:27 AM