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    Im using the app called Root Tools v1.9 on my rooted LG Optimus V, but im unfortunately encountering errors using some functions in this application. I atached a couple screen shots below to better show whats going on. Basically, when I open the app, I get 5 options:

    • App Management
    • Goodie Add-ons
    • Tweaks & Hacks
    • Reboot Options
    • Help/About

    Now, every option works except the section Tweaks & Hacks. When I click Tweaks & Hacks it also gives 5 more options, which include:

    • Ad Blocker
    • Build Properties
    • Manage Cache
    • Free Memory
    • Miscellaneous

    Here's where the errors start.
    If I even attempt to use any of the options under Tweaks & Hacks it gives me a "toast" type notification that states "Error while running command! Probably could not gain root". *Photo below

    Note, I DO have root access. Superuser permissions are fully granted for this app. Superuser binary is up to date. Custom busybox is installed through Superuser.

    So, whats the deal? Anyone have any clue whats going on?

    Main Screen

    Tweaks & Hacks Error Screen
    11-16-2011 05:45 AM