1. Kobol's Avatar
    Hi all,

    So for various RIM related reasons i've decided to move away from BlackBerry, but i use BBM heavily. I saw BBM working on an iPhone a few years back (assuming it was a hack of some kind) but didnt pay much attention as i didnt really care, now i do care and my question is does anyone know of a way i can use BBM via Android?

    The iPhone guy said at the time he needed a BB to use its pin and i've got loads lying around so im hoping there is some software out there that does the same thing.

    I tried getting people to use PingMe and/or WhatsApp but it never really took off, BBM still rules king.

    Thanks all
    11-16-2011 11:58 AM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    I don't think you ever saw BBM on an iPhone. There was an app that RIM made a long while ago that ported the BB OS as an overlay to Windows Mobile (6.0 I believe), and it had a working BBM. It wasn't a separate BBM app, and RIM has even said as recently as last month's developer conference that they have no plans to bring BBM onto any other platforms.

    Your choices for cross-platform messaging are pretty much Kik, LiveProfile, PingChat, XMS, WhatsApp, or the regular IM apps like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and AIM.
    11-16-2011 08:09 PM