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    I emailed Styletap if they were working on a Andriod version of their popular app and got this response:



    We are working on the Android platform, but have not made any public announcements.

    If you're not already subscribed, the best way to keep informed about the progress of any new versions of StyleTap, including instructions on how to join a beta program when it is announced, is to be sure that you are subscribed to our news blog at: FeedBurner Email Subscription

    - Kevin

    On 11/17/2011 3:03 AM, xxxxxxxxr@yahoo.com wrote:
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    > Hello I would like to inquire if you have any plans on supporting an Andriod version of Styletap? Being able to run palmos on Andriod would be great...
    11-17-2011 05:56 PM
  2. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    That would be pretty cool. Would it bring the ability to play old PalmOS games?
    11-18-2011 12:39 PM