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    I've a weird Google Music bug, tried googling for ages on it and haven't even found anyone else with the same issue but here's hoping someone can help.

    I've a Google Music account and it works flawlessly in the browser and using the Android App on my HTC Desire HD, no issues with either of these at all. However I also have an Android box connected to my TV, I'm not sure of the exact model off hand but it's basically this here...

    [Actually, it wont let me post a link, but on amazon's UK site it's the second result after you search 'Android TV', it's the oem google android 2.2 wifi...etc]

    It's running Android 2.2, and seems to run everything else pretty much exactly as you'd expect a tablet of similiar specs too, everything runs fine. I've downloaded and installed the last three Google Music APKs to it, from 3.whatever to the one that came out in the last few days, and all of them have the exact same problem. They all install perfectly, and allow me to do pretty much everything inside the app and quickly, however when I go to play a song the same thing keeps happening.

    It goes to the now playing screen, and the song begins to buffer, with the spinning circle symbol over the album art, but the song does not play, and the circle never disappears. It buffers the song the whole way through, but it never starts to play. Weirdly however, I can get it to play only if I wait for the song to buffer entirely (it wont work if it's even 7/8s done when I try this), and then I press the stop button and then I press the play button, the song starts to play instantly. Once it reaches the next song on the album the same process happens again with the song starting to buffer from the start, and then just sitting there waiting for me to press stop and play in order for it to play again. This obviously makes listening to an album a painful experience. I should also add if the song is cached, or I've made it available offline, it'll play the song instantly and perfectly. It's only when it has to stream a song new that there's a problem.

    Does anyone have any experience with similiar problems, or have any idea how I'd go about solving the problem? Unfortunately, I've also tried the default browser, both Operas and Boat browser to try and get it to work via the web, but it also wont play there, however when trying the browser solution it doesn't even begin to buffer the song, it just sits there doing nothing after I press play. Very annoying.

    Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers!
    11-18-2011 07:32 AM