1. Ryp11's Avatar
    Does anyone now how to get the notification bar to show when you have google music open in landscape? If I switch to portriat it's there but not in landscape. Must be an easy way to fix but I'm not seeing it. Thanks!
    11-18-2011 09:49 AM
  2. Ryp11's Avatar
    Hi has anyone else had this issue? I'm using a stock Dinc with the latest gingerbread update. thanks
    12-02-2011 11:50 AM
  3. goliatham's Avatar
    Yes, I think It is intentional.
    I have had the same on an OG droid using stock and many different ROMS, with the GM Beta.
    Same issue on stock bionic with GM beta, and the latest release.

    As an alternative, I am looking for a full screen widget but none have album art.
    Pure music widget claims they are just waiting for Google to make the APIs available. I think Pure Music had it working when GM was in beta.
    12-02-2011 01:03 PM
  4. Ryp11's Avatar
    I don't like it. I listen to music for a while and then turn the phone and I have 20 emails that I missed. Wish there was a way to fix it as the DINC has the plug on the side it's jut easier to have it in landscape mode on my desk.
    12-02-2011 03:12 PM