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    I've been lurking around the forum for a few months (ever since I got my moto droid.) I am hoping someone can point me to an app like Night Ringer as Night Ringer doesn't function well anymore.

    My fiance is pregnant and we do not currently live together. Essentially what I am looking for is an app that will make her calls and texts ring at max volume during the night. I keep my phone on silent at night to avoid annoying spam texts/calls that wake me up.

    Night Ringer would have been perfect since I could set her number to ring and nobody else between a certain time (can't have her ringing max volume at work haha!) but it doesn't work and it looks like the developer gave up on it.

    Does anyone know of an App that can help me?

    05-21-2010 08:11 PM
  2. o2bnclemson's Avatar
    At first glance I thought this said "Night Ranger" - Now I can't get "Sister Christian" out of my head....

    The only app I can think of is Tasker. It's currently in free Beta. You can get it here:
    Tasker for Android

    Click on the Forums link, then Tasker General, then the thread entitled Latest Version. Tasker is kinda high-powered, but it's very deep in what it can do.
    05-22-2010 10:10 PM
  3. Kage_'s Avatar
    If you don't mind switching ringer profiles manually then there's an app called ear. You can define various ringer profiles. I have normal, loud and quiet. It's nice and is pretty customizable.
    05-22-2010 10:47 PM
  4. MacGuyInNC's Avatar
    There's also FoxyRing, and it's free. It lets you set a "silent time," but also allows you to specify people (not phone numbers) in your address book who can have "emergency status."

    However, I recently upgraded my Sprint Hero to 2.1, and for some reason, I'm unable to set emergency people. You may have different luck with your Droid. May want to test it with her during regular hours, just to be certain it will work right for you.
    05-22-2010 10:57 PM
  5. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Foxy Ring, nuff said.
    05-22-2010 11:50 PM
  6. Renocat's Avatar
    setting profiles. It's in the market. Dev is quite responsive to requests/bugs
    05-23-2010 02:38 PM